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Arvin Fanavaran Sanat Nab Company was registered in 2016 and started manufacturing the UPVC door and window profiles in 2017. During these years, the company became one of the most famous producers in Iran. According to the latest international standards, Real Win holds the mandatory standard of Iran and related ISOs from German TUV, as well as a 15-year warranty throughout the country. Based on the requirements of the construction industry in Iran, the company produces and markets its products in two sets of four channels and three channels.


Why Real Win?


– Up to date global technology
– Fully automated production line and first-class UPVC raw materials
– Innovation and creativity
– Unique design based on today’s demand
– Standard products
– TUV certification from Germany and Iran
– Rigid connectors and fittings
– Precise dimensions and easy assembly

UPVC components




Main component is PVC which will be mixed with different substances

  • Impact Modifier
  • Processing Aids
  • Fixature
  • Pigment
  • Heat Stabilizer
  • Lubricant
  • Fillers

Replacement without demolition


in order to optimize energy consumption by careful planning and using technical facilities and capabilities in providing services, the Real Win Industrial Group is ready to replace the old and worn windows of all organizations, institutes, and government premises and private buildings without demolition, with PVC windows with double glazed glasses following the modern world standards.

رئال وین

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  • Head Office :

    2nd Unit, No. 6, In Corner of Shafagh, 10th Nasim, Koohak Blvd., Chitgar

  • Head Office Phone :

    02122114612 - 02144713921 - 02122114612

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  • Email : info@realwinupvc.com
  • Factory :

    No. 518, First Golshid, 2nd Golrokh, West Ghazali Blvd., Eshtehard Industrial Park

  • Factory Phone :

    02637773178 - 02637773274

  • Head Office Fax :


  • Email : Real_Win@yahoo.com