Warranty Terms


Warehousing and storage requirements for UPVC and galvanized profiles

  • The storage place shall be roofed.
  • The place of storage shall be away from environmental pollution.
  • The place of storage should be away from direct sunlight.
  • The place of galvanized cutting should be separated from the warehouse of UPVC profile and assembly hall (to prevent the transfer of chips from galvanized cutting)
  • galvanized sheet with a thickness of at least 1.5 mm shall be used.
  • Standard shelves shall be used.


  • In the absence of shelves, it is better to level the profile at a distance from the ground.
  • The distance between the cans in the width of the shelf is 70-50 cm. The distance between the cans decreases as the number of profile packages stacked increases.


Avoid these when Cleaning

  • Excessive pressure when cleaning
  • Using bleach
  • Using multipurpose solutions
  • Using ethanol
  • Using polish remover pads
  • Using WD40 lubricant spray
  • Using thinner
  • Using dishwashing wire, scrub sponge, and rough cloths