What is the Public Relations?

Public Relations means convincing people. To sell your idea or product, or to tell others about the goodness of your company, you need to convince and justify the audience. The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) defines public relations as: “Public relations is the process of strategic communication that builds mutually beneficial relationships between society and organizations.” The public relations staff have good storytelling skills; Because they must be able to narrate the situation of the organization to others. The public relations department strives to protect and enhance the reputation of the business and the organization and promotes this through a variety of media and social networks. Nowadays, social networks have greatly affected everything, and public relations is no exception. Public relations forces should monitor all channels of communication with the organization and inform the organization about the shortcomings and dissatisfaction by finding negative points and comments from outside the environment and the audience; and by finding positive points and comments, use these comments for effective advertising. The public relations department is a representative of the organization’s relationship with the external environment. Public relations professionals are responsible for creating the right image for the organization. Their job is to create a positive image from the organization among the people, to inform society about the activities within the organization, to explain the policies, and to manage the control of political campaigns. The scope of public relations activity is very wide. This range can be from managing customer relationships to building connections between different branches of an organization.


Public Relations and Advertising Manager

The Tools Used in Public Relations include the following

  • To hold lectures and conferences
  • To interview and manage news coverage
  • To communicate with the press
  • To hold ceremonies and events
  • To use the virtual and web networks
  • To perform strategic control and management of public relations crises
  • To cover media advertisements and to respond to positive and negative comments outside the organization
  • To analyze and research
  • To Determine the target audience
  • To Select media
  • Media communication
  • Management of exhibitions and group events
  • Organizational public relations
  • Marketing public relations